LIfe With MIlitary

There is no definite lifestyle of military personnel. It all depends on the department, military base location, and specific career. Apart from the paramilitary staff, the rest of the servicemen and women go through the mandatory basic training to equip them with gun handling skills, interpersonal skills, among other special abilities. 

Military life starts from the day you step into a combat camp. Families of military personnel have a unique culture and lifestyle, which seems challenging for the common man. To them, it’s one of the best and enjoyable lives.

 A martial family is any member of the society with relations either by adoption or blood or marriage to the armed forces. The culture of the families of these patriotic citizens revolves around the military camps.

Depending on specific countries, most of them are hosted within the camp to prevent familiarity with the common man.

The main issues military families have to cope with include.

  • Absentee parents ( single parenthood)
  • Constant relocation
  • Fear of uncertainty in the lives of the family member involved in the army

The peculiar aspects in the lives of combat families include


The education of this particular group is guaranteed but doesn’t have a formal method. They go to special schools within the camp, but there is no guarantee whether a child will complete high school or primary education in one institution due to constant relocation.

However, military-connected schools are in the public school category. They enjoy a plethora of incentives. Here are some just but to mention a few

  • Access to scholarship opportunities
  • Free school requirements- mostly stationery
  • Readily available counseling service to manage combat-related stress
  • Specialized training to immediate members of the family
  • Education insurance in case of death of a military officer
  • Life insurance.

When it comes to curriculum implementation, then there is minimal difference.


Military officers move from one military base to another, depending on where one’s service is required at a particular time. They never leave their family behind unless they go for peacekeeping missions in faraway countries.

It’s a norm among these families and always gets prepared for a short stay within a specific camp. They enjoy diversity in cultures and exposure that comes to living in various environments.

The social networking with other peers in different camps provides necessary social and emotional support. Nevertheless, it compromises the stability of a child’s welfare, especially in education.

It’s this reason some opt to settle their families in one state and visit from time to time, which also leads to the challenges of single parenthood.


All immediate family members have access to superior health care. Do you know every professional is available in a military camp, including doctors and nurses?

The high-end hospitals within the cover give the family members the right medical care irrespective of the cover. Superiority in the military is a training every military officer adores from the junior staff to their families.

These are people who visit exceptional military hospitals with ease. It’s among some of the value-added incentives the government provides to the security personnel.

Social Welfare

As much as the military camp hosts both the senior and junior officers of all departments, the housing system is in such a way that there is little mingling among the members. This includes the hospitals and even the cafeterias.

It’s a disadvantage to the children who have nothing to do with the status of their parents; but, are subjected to such kind of discrimination. The worst case is the social relations of members of the military family of a different class.

The parents are always up in arms, yet, they have no control over what happens with natural body chemistry. Most armed forces families enjoy tax-free shopping, if and only if you purchase from their stores.


If there is something most of the military families enjoy is free housing. Imagine living in the city without paying rent; you save a lot. The people who can’t be hosted within the camp have subsidized rents.

There is also an allowance for the married servicemen and women in a bid to encourage them to have families to maintain their generations.

With all the benefits that come with being part of the family of a military man. There are disadvantages

  • Lack of freedom of movement
  • Discrimination from superior families
  • Treatment based on your parents rank

The advantages are more than disadvantages. It proves, military families enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with their status.