Should You Join the Military?

Joining the military is a life-changing decision. Some people have been aspiring to join the military from a young age. However, the majority of people never make this decision until they reach adulthood. Even when they do, they still aren’t sure if it’s the right decision. Fortunately, we have compiled this guide to help you tackle that problem.

Do You Feel Like You Want to Serve? 

Many people who join the military come from families with a long military history—children with parents or other family members in the military desire to follow in their relatives’ footsteps. Alternatively, you may have been obsessed with the military, even if none of your family members is currently serving. This obsession may have come from watching the TV or attending military parades.

Are you Looking for Some Adventure? 

Although some of the military adventure stories are exaggerated, the military does offer many opportunities to explore new things and places. It’s rare for a military unit to be stationed in one place permanently. Often, your unit will be relocating to a new place every three or four years. Moreover, the members of each unit are changed regularly. Therefore, joining the military is an opportunity to go to new places and meet new people.

Acquire Impressive Job Skills

The skills you pick up during military training and the tours have applications beyond the battleground. Military training emphasizes skills that are applicable in the civilian world. Some of these core skills include accounting, nursing, surgery, and data analytics. Other skills, such as military intelligence, have great applications, too. Ex-soldiers are in high demand across several organizations.

Several Social Benefits

Few professions are offering more social benefits than the military. From the day you join the military, you will have easy access to comfortable accommodation and world-class medical cover. As your career progresses, the military will give your life insurance, GI Bill, and other retirement benefits. Another great benefit is that you will enjoy more than 30 days of paid leave annually. This is a very secure and promising lifestyle that only the military can provide.

Job Stability

The military is perhaps the only industry not affected by economic dynamics. It is one of the few industries that are still hiring during a recession or depression. For those who have already joined the military, this means that your job is secure, and there is no room for job cuts. It also means your salary won’t be slashed or delayed because of an underperforming economy. Your paycheck will always arrive on time.

Learn Skills Not Taught in Colleges

Not everybody fancies going to college. Some people don’t like the routine or the curriculum most universities offer. If you think the college curriculum lacks some training programs, check if the military has a curriculum covering those skills. The military has its own unique curriculum with skills and training more valuable than a college degree.

You Can Still Earn Your Degree

Perhaps the reason why you have not attended college is because of the high fees. It is indeed true that the average college tuition is beyond the reach of most people. The only way they can earn their college degree is to take out a student loan. Another path that does not involve burdensome loans is joining the military. The GI bill is a short-term military contract with the option of attending college. It also offers living costs and coffers accommodation.

Early Retirement

The retirement age in the federal government and most corporations is 60 years, regardless of how long you have worked for them. The good thing about the military is that you can retire at the age of 40. The only thing you need to do is serve 20 years in a military branch. If you retire at the age of 40, you have the opportunity to take on a second career while receiving a pension and other benefits from the military. Your life will be full of idyllic days of sipping coffee from Emerging Pictures Coffee. All you have to do is read the coffee review at 

A Chance to Make a Positive Impact

Joining the military is a calling to serve people who are being subjugated or in danger. You’ll be promoting peace while protecting human rights. This is a great opportunity to make a positive change in the world.


At the end of the day, the decision to join the military depends on what you want to do with your life. If the reasons illustrated above speak to your soul, enlist today.