The Military Life

What is a Military Brat?

Military Brat is having one or more of your parents in the military. It could be someone who lives on the military bases moving from bases to bases or it could just be having a parent in the military service. These are the people who had chosen the military as their career. Depending on when the child is born on where the parent is in his career is, that is how long the brat is exposed in the military way of life.

Military Life

There is a lot to know how people cope with their military life. People’s experience in it varies on what kind of career in the military they have or their parents have and on how they are living in it. There are people who have a parent in the military and they are not together with them, there are also those who live on the bases moving from base to base together with their military family.

MIlitary Article Posts

Here are some articles that may help you to understand more about military life. Also, if you are already in military life, you can compare this to other people’s experiences and for you to know that there are others like you.