Writer’s Guidelines

Military Brat Life accepts the following:

  • Fiction – 1,000 to 2,500 words
  • Poetry – any length
  • Non-Fiction – 500 to 2,500 words
  • Book Reviews – 500 to 2,000 words
  • Blogs Content – 500 to 2,000 words

We are looking for well-written articles which will appeal to the general public who is curious about Military Brats, and to those of us who grew up living on bases around the country and around the world.

We are looking for insightful, detailed essays and articles that “tells it like it is—or was.”

Longer Works

We also accept longer works of fiction and non-fiction that are submitted as separate parts.

Please use the website as a guide for your submission, or Contact Us with questions or suggestions for topics you feel may be of interest to our readers.

How to Become an Author

There are three steps to becoming an author on Military Brat Life:

  1. Register using the Become an Author link. (This link is located at the top of the website page.)
  2. Approval. Once registered, Military Brat Life will be notified by email, and will approve you as an author. You will then be notified by email after your approval.
  3. Submit your work. After you have been approved as an author, you will be able to use our Submission Form to submit content to the magazine.

Content Approval

All submissions must be reviewed and approved by the editor of Military Brat Life before the submission can be published.

  • Submission to Military Brat Life does not guarantee the work will be published.
  • Military Brat Life reserves the right to request authors to edit their work for content, grammar and English usage.
  • Military Brat Life can reject any submission not deemed suitable for the readers of the website.
  • Authors should allow a minimum of 3-5 working days for editor’s review.

Submission Topics:

Military Brat Life is open almost any topic that involves Military Brats and the unique life they have.

We are especially interested in Military Brat experiences after WWII and non-fiction articles that are historical accounts, but as you can see from examples on the website, we publish on a wide range of topics.

For a full list submission ideas, go to Submission Topics.

Book Excerpts

If you have published a book and would like to publish excerpts here, we will happy to consider your submission, provided you have permission from your publisher.

Blog Content

We are looking for authors who “have a voice” who would like to share their Military Brat Life experience as a series of blog entries. Blog authors can submit previously published blog entries from other websites.


If you have photographs that you have full rights to in order to illustrate articles or stories, you may upload images to be placed in your submission. Photographs should not exceed 400 pixels wide and should be in .jpg format.

Spell Checking

Please spell check your submissions before sending them to us. Submissions that have major spelling errors, poor grammar and improper punctuation will not be approved for publication. It is a good idea to have someone other than yourself to review your submission and offer suggestions before submitting the work here.


Only submit articles, stories and poetry which you have full rights to. Military Brat Life does accept previously published material, provided you have the rights to the material.


Military Brat Life does not currently pay for work published on the website. However, we do provide a link from our website to the author’s website to help promote the author’s work.

Author’s Biography

All authors must submit a brief biography when they register to be an author, so readers may know more about the author.

Biographies can contain links to the author’s website or blog.

Ready to Become an Author?

If you have read the above guidelines, and you wish to become an author, use the Register As An Author form page to get started.


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