What is Military Brat Life About?

If you are interested in learning more about what it is like to be a Military Brat, or if you want to see if others’ experiences were like yours, please explore the article categories.  If you are curious about brat life, or are looking for a definition, go to the What Is A Military Brat? page.

To learn more about how this online magazine began, please read on.

From Humble Beginnings . . .

Military Brat Life, the online magazine, grew out of Vann Baker’s personal interest in preserving the unique heritage of Military Brats, and in creating a totally free and open website, where essays, articles, poetry, blogs and stories could be published for everyone to enjoy and for the general public to have a glimpse into a unique way of life.

In 1995, Vann created one of the very first websites dedicated to Military Brats in the early days of the Internet called Military Brats Online.

Initially, he wrote about his own experiences of growing up as an Army Brat, and published a few articles on the website. Soon dozens of other Military Brats began to share their own experiences of life on Air Force bases, Naval bases, Army, Coast Guard and Naval bases.

When Military Brats Online became an interactive community website in 2008, even more Military Brats added comments, blogs and essays about their uniques experiences to the website.

Military Brat Life is Born

The Military Brats Online community website grew quickly and soon more essays and blogs appeared on the website, however, the content of Military Brats Online is available only to website members, and much of the content is not available the general public.

The idea of Military Brat Life was to provide essays, articles and more and Vann decided to create and launch a new website early in 2009. The new website would be open to the public

In May of 2009, Military Brat Life went live.

Vann Baker serves as the magazine’s editor and is a frequent contributor to the website, offering readers a glimpse into what life was like during the Cold War years.

We’re looking for a few good writers . . .

If you are a writer, or you would like to be published for the first time, and would like to contribute to Military Brat Life, please take a look at our Writer’s Guidelines before you register and begin submitting your work.

We are looking for articles, poetry and short fiction which is based on the Military Brat experience.


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