What Exactly Is A Military Brat?

A Military Brat is anyone who grew up in a military family and typically has moved from military installation to another, with one or both parents being “career” military, serving 10 to 30 years (or more) in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard. A Military Brat’s early years are shaped by military culture and norms.

That being said, every Military Brat’s family experience is very different and the above explanation is meant to be a general definition.

Why are Military Brats different?

Many Military Brats grow up within the world of the military, on military installations (posts and bases), many of which are self-sufficient and generaly isolated from the city, state or country they are located within.

Living within a disciplined world and being subjected to frequent moves during early years has a profound affect on children.

Military Brats learn to adapt to new surroundings quickly. Making new friends and then leaving them behind is routine.

Unfortunately Military Brats often find it difficult to live in the world of civilians after their parents retire from the service.

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