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“Where the hell is APO, New York? I have never heard of that city.”

I won’t explain what being a military brat is all about for two reasons: the only people that come here are most likely brats themselves and you all already know how it feels to be one of us. However, I will let the members of our “unique fraternity” enjoy some funny humor about our situation.

My first semester at college was the Fall of 1990. I spent my last summer in Germany enjoying the local delights of Giessen: topless beaches at the lakes, finely brewed German beverages, my BMW going Mach II on Autobahn 5, weekends to Amsterdam and of course, preparation for college.

Upon arriving at my school, I noticed they put the mailing addresses of each of the students on doors of our rooms in the dormitory. Wouldn’t you know it, . . .” Where the hell is APO, New York? I have never heard of that city.”

I cried, laughing, the first time I heard that and then went into the story of my life. I’ve always found my unique and interesting lifestyle growing up to now has made me an interesting person to those who meet me and allowed me to have many relationships with many people.

Why hasn’t there been a screen play written about the psychological, emotional and sociological effects on growing up as as military dependant?

What a great idea for a movie!

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in Military Brats Online.

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