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The Cold War Years

The Cold War Years had a big impact on many of us Military Brats in  the 1950s to late 1980s 

I suppose the experience depended on where you lived.  I lived during those years at Keesler Air Force Base four different times, India, England twice, and the Azores.

Now that it has been de-classified, it is okay to say that what we were doing in India was spying on the Chinese and Russians—that was in the early fifties.  Since I was a child, I had no idea at the time. My dad never talked about his job at home.

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Where is home anyway?

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Pamela has published three books, a number of articles and poems in journals and has a poetry chapbook forthcoming.

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How “Fort Knox” – The Comic Strip – Got Its Start

Behind every comic strip there is a cartoonist, and behind Fort Knox, is Paul Jon Boscacci. Living the life of a Military Brat has given him rich experiences to literally draw upon for his Fort Knox characters, and in this article, Jon tells us what got him started, and how we all can help keep him going!

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“Home is where your family is, home is where your friends are, home is where your heart is.”

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Military Chapels

Every military post or base had a PX, Commissary, Hospital or Clinic, Library, Theater—and a chapel.

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My First Move

Diane looks back at her introduction to military life, and the inevitable first move.

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Air Force Brat Jeapordy

Here is an interesting game . . .

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Where is Home?

Mary McKay ponders the question of where exactly is home for a Military Brat?

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Story of an Army Brat

Jensina describes her memories and the things that made her life that of a Miltary Brat.

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Life After the Military

Do you feel stuck between military life and civilian life?

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Unexpectedly, Plan B

Making the decision to enter military service is no easy task, even for a Military Brat.

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Military Brats Today

On a basic level, the difference between Military Brats from past decades is about the same.  Military Brats still must move from base to base, sometimes overseas, and Military Brats still have to cope with making new friends and leaving friends behind. What has changed in a big way is coverage of wars and repeated deployments to Iraq and Afganistan. And in some cases, having two parents deployed at the same time is a harsh […]

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Being An Army Brat

“Being an Army Brat, what does that exactly mean?”

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A Tribute To Benjamin Franklin Village Mannheim Germany

Vann Baker remembers Benjamin Franklin Village and reflects on how living there from 1962 through 1966 shaped his life.

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