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My mother hates when I say this, but sometimes I think life on a military base is like life in a Cult. Now please don’t take that wrong! I don’t mean we should all wear matching robes and the same kind of sneaker that will help us walk in space when “they” come for us…drink the same funky Kool-aid or anything. I loved growing up in the military and would not change that for anything […]

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Our Families

Military life is different from the way that most kids grow up in the civilian world. Only those of us who have lived as Military Brats really understand what that means.

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Child of a Soldier

This is a Veterans Day Poem from a Military Brat, to all Veterans.

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Summers on the Mediterranean

Life in a military family gave us many rich experiences, making all the moves worthwhile.

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Military Brat Life Expanded

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 5-18-2010 Military Brat Life now offers over 100 essays and articles, providing a glimpse inside the world of U.S. Military Brats. Military Brat Life was launched on June 15, 2009 and both preserves the Military Brat culture and offers the civilian public a glimpse into the day to day experiences of Military Brats spanning several generations. “Recently I added several dozen articles which originally were published on Military Brats Online during the […]

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Story of an Army Brat

Jensina describes her memories and the things that made her life that of a Miltary Brat.

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Military Life, Isn’t It Grand?

“Where else can you get a real education in life, meet interesting people and learn all you’ll ever need to know to become an adult?”

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Military Brats—Or The Legacy of Finding Home

Kathryn discusses her discover of what she had become from growing up “military.”

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The Army Brat Itch

“I now live in Atlanta Georgia and I’m married to a guy who’s had basically 2 major moves in his life. We live in a small 2-bedroom bungalow and we’ve been discussing upgrading to a larger house. Suits me just fine. Or does it?”

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