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Family Secrets – Part 3

This part of Family Secrets explains how tracks are covered as a family travels in secrecy.

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Searching For Roots

Moving so many times makes it so hard to put down roots. Here is Anica’s take on the subject.

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Death by Innocence by Thomas Slagle

In 1969, at the height of the Viet Nam War, four American military and State Department brats spend their last year of high school on an American military base in Ankara, Turkey. Rampant drug use and innocent lapses of judgement combine to produce emotional scars that will last their lifetimes.

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A Military Brat in Karlsruhe Germany

In the summer of 1960 my Father received orders for a tour of duty in Germany. Our home for the past three years had been the town of Stillwater Oklahoma. Dad was an Army captain in the Engineer Corps who had been one of just a few active-duty personnel assigned to an Army Reserve unit. I had no idea how living in Karlsruhe Germany would be so different from living in the United States of America.

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A Brat’s Past and Present: Too Close to Home

While Military Brats are known to be a tough and used to seeing men and women in uniform, sometimes something happens that is a bit close to home.

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Old Memories

“When the soldiers used to return from the field after several weeks, they used to come through the housing area. All of us kids, and some of the mothers, would stand outside and watch them as they came through. Most of us were hoping to see our dads. And when we did, there was nothing that could beat that excitement.”

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