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Being An Army Brat

“Being an Army Brat, what does that exactly mean?”

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Still Looking For Home

This article is about Military Brats “making their own way.”

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Military Brats Today

On a basic level, the difference between Military Brats from past decades is about the same.  Military Brats still must move from base to base, sometimes overseas, and Military Brats still have to cope with making new friends and leaving friends behind. What has changed in a big way is coverage of wars and repeated deployments to Iraq and Afganistan. And in some cases, having two parents deployed at the same time is a harsh […]

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Once A Brat by Marilyn C. Morris

Marilyn Morris recounts her honest, heart-felt feelings and experiences growing up in the post World War II and Cold War era in here book Once a Brat. Here is an excerpt from Chapter One.

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