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The Lost Ones

“We saw the world, and were fortunate to have the opportunities we had to visit places and meet people most of our extended families and friends only dream about. All of that comes with a price—we have no where to call ‘home’.”

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Once A Brat by Marilyn C. Morris

Marilyn Morris recounts her honest, heart-felt feelings and experiences growing up in the post World War II and Cold War era in here book Once a Brat. Here is an excerpt from Chapter One.

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Military Brat Wins Music Competition

Listen to Caylea Ingram’s amazing song which all Military Brats can relate to!

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My Life as an Army Brat—And Beyond

The very first professional picture taken of me was sitting on a pony, dressed as a cowboy, in McAlester, Oklahoma. The second professional photograph is of me dressed in an Army uniform with Sergeant’s stripes to match my dad’s. Thus began my life as an Army Brat.

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First Days as a “Civilian”

Leave the Military Brat life behind and transitioning to civilian life is always difficult. Alex shares with us his story.

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Movin’ On

Linda “tells it as it was” to be a Military Brat after World War II and what it was like to live overseas.

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My mother hates when I say this, but sometimes I think life on a military base is like life in a Cult. Now please don’t take that wrong! I don’t mean we should all wear matching robes and the same kind of sneaker that will help us walk in space when “they” come for us…drink the same funky Kool-aid or anything. I loved growing up in the military and would not change that for anything […]

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