Submitting Articles and Other Work

Become an author on Military Brat Life

Before submitting articles and other work, you must first register to become an author. You may use the form below to both register and submit your work.

Once we receive your information, you will receive an email an instructions from the editor. Please save all instructon emails for future reference.  

Submitting work for consideration

Be sure to read the Writer’s Guidelines so you are familiar with the length of work, our readers, and general writing guidelines. Also, review the website to make sure your submission is appropriate for the website.

There are different content types you may submit:

  • News Articles – If you have a news article or press release, please follow the steps above to edit and proofread then submit to us.
  • Blogs – Blog content can be personal story, an opinion piece, or an observation.
  • Events – If you have an event please use the Submit Military Brat Events page to email us your event details.

Working with Microsoft Word documents

It is recommended that you work with Microsoft Word or a similar document creation program on your own computer.

This allows you to first create a draft, then make revisions and edits to the material before you submit it to Military Brat Life.

Spell checking

You must spell check before you submit the work. This will speed up the publication process. Submissions that contain numerous mis-spellings will not be published.

Save your document

You should always save your document on your computer, so you will have a copy of the work in case you want to make revisions.

Before submitting your document

Before you submit your work, be sure to:

  • Edit your document
  • Spell check your document
  • Change any underlined text into italics
  • Make all the text on the page the same size (12 point is fine)
  • Save your document

Sending your work to Military Brat Life

  • Complete the Author Registration and Work Submission form.
  • Attach your document or paste your work into the form.
  • Send the form

You will receive a confirmation email after your work has been sent and received by Military Brat Life.


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