Still Looking For Home

This article is about Military Brats “making their own way.”

Well, I made the move to a place where my parents have never been, and I am trying to make it my own.

I am a residence hall coordinator at Michigan Technological University in Houghton MI. I am 14 hours from my parents and 10 hours from the one place I really want to visit a lot.

I think this move was a good stepping stone for me.

So often we brats are trying to get that feeling of home back, now I realize it is up to me to create that feeling of home where ever I am. For the first time I don’t have any roommates. I have my own apartment (located within the residence hall, so I have like 630 neighbors) and I can make the place look like the way I want it to . . . my favorite pictures finally on the wall, my own dishes in the cupboard.

There are times when I am lonely and miss my family—but this is my time to make my mark and I am going to do my best to enjoy the time I have here in Michigan

Editor’s Note: this article first appeared in Military Brats Online in 1997.

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