Overseas Brats

Many Military Brats have the unique opportunity to live in foreign countries with their families and are referred to as “overseas brats”.

Countries where Military Brats have lived include Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Panama, Guam, France, Greece, Canada, South Korea, Puerto Rico, India, and other countries.

Many Military Brats have blogged about their experiences overseas and in the U.S., in Military Brats Online as well as here on Military Brat Life.

For Military Brats, being able to experience life and culture in different countries gives them a perspective on the world and insight into other cultures. Many Military Brats can relate to world events, especially for those countries where they lived as a child and teenager.

As the mission of the miliary changes, bases and posts throughout the world open and close. Along with these changes are schools and communities which become memories.

Joe Condrill has an organization called Overseas Brats, which hosts regional gatherings throughout the U.S., and publishes a newsletter with news about alumni groups.


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