Operation Footlocker

What is green, covered with stickers and filled with memories and icons which only a Military Brat can understand?

Operation Footlocker of course!

We’ve all grown up with footlockers, but Operation Footlocker doesn’t travel with one person from destination to another—it travels to brat reunions, events and military bases as a mobile memory project.

Operation Footlocker is a grassroots effort to celebrate the shared cultural identity of Military Brats and grew out a discussion in the spring of 1996 on the Military Veterans of America site within America Online.

Mary Edwards Wertsch, author of the book Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress, and one of the participants in the discussion, first conceived the idea of taking a real footlocker and sending it around the country as a way of gathering memorabilia and bringing brats together. Reta Jones Nicholson provided the first footlocker and was the catalyst who brought Operation Footlocker from discussion to realty.

Operation Footlocker is a volunteer effort and requests can be made to have the footlocker shipped to for brat events or sharing brat history with the general public.

For more information on appearances or to bring the Footlocker to your event, visit the Operation Footlocker website.


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