Moving, Moving, Moving

It’s hard to stop—when you are always moving.

How many schools?

I remember seven elementary, two junior highs but only one high school and then off to college in another state.

I also remember one day with Dad coming home and saying, “Pack up, we’re leaving. You’re going to Texas to stay with your grandparents for awhile. We’re going to Idaho. We’re going to Arizona.”

My wife moved into her home when she was one year old. Her parents still live there over 40 years later. We met through work and both lived in Texas although in seperate cities. I had two children by another marriage who lived with their mother, so I thought nothing about packing up and moving when the company asked me to transfer.

After three years we moved again. Three years later, we’re on the road once more.

Now we’re back in my “home town” and staying. Other companies call to recruit me, and I am very interested with the higher pay scale and new places and opportunities, but then “the BOSS” says,  “Absolutely not. You’re putting down roots and staying here.”

You know what? I kind of like it.

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Military Brats Online in 1997.

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  1. I remember 1 kindergarden, 2 elementary, 2 Jr High, and 1 Senior High School. Until I retired from the Navy, longest I lived in one place was four years. This December it will be 19 years, 18 in the same house. Don’t like to move anymore. Actually know people and watched their children grow from infants. No longer a stranger and can actually say “I remember when X was nothing but trees and there wasn’t a Y in this town.”

    It is nice not to pack and move.


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