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On a basic level, the difference between Military Brats from past decades is about the same.  Military Brats still must move from base to base, sometimes overseas, and Military Brats still have to cope with making new friends and leaving friends behind.

What has changed in a big way is coverage of wars and repeated deployments to Iraq and Afganistan. And in some cases, having two parents deployed at the same time is a harsh reality for many Military Brats.

When I was growing up in an Army family, during the 1960s through the mid 1970s, it was extremely rare for spouses of soldiers to also be active duty. While women have served the military since World War II and slowly were given greater roles in their service, military service in the past, for the most part, mostly men, but in the 1970s this began to change.

The military has changed over the decades. Today we have a totally voluntary military and the role of the military itself has changed as has the face of the new enemy.

Many Military Brats on my social network site, Military Brats Online, wish they had been better about maintaining contact with friends over the years.

I’m hoping that with social network sites this will change and that Military Brats today will be able to keep their yahoo or gmail account for years and get listed with and other sites so they can be found by friends.

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