Military Brats Needed for Survey

Cindy Arenas, who is a Military Brat, is a doctoral student at Northcentral University.

She is conducting a research study on what is the experience of military youths when their parent deploys as part of her doctoral degree.

I have talked with Cindy at length and I believe her research and work related to PTSD is extremely important.

My father served in the Korean and Vietnam wars, and his PTSD affected our family for years. PTSD has had a direct or indirect affect on all military families.

I want to do what I can to help Cindy with her important research.

For the survey Cindy needs military brats who:

– are between the age of 18 and 22
– have had a parent deployed in the last five years
– who has stayed with a civilian parent during the deployment
– are an American citizen
– have not taken this survey before

Many of the members of Military Brats Online are older than the age range, so please consider passing this information on to your children or other family members who may be eligible.

To take the survey, please go to:

The first 50 eligible participants will receive a $10 EGift Card.

Even if you are not eligible, please spread the word on Facebook, especially in Facebook groups and feel free to forward this email on to anyone who might be eligible.

Thank you for your help.


Vann Baker
Editor, Military Brat Life

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  1. Hi Cindy Arenas. My father, Carl, joined United States Army in ’62 and got stationed in France. Carl met Danielle and they got married in France. In middle of ’65 my father got transferred to Missouri and a few months later I was born. My life started in France! About two years later my father got a military transfer to West Germany. We were living there in Germany for about 3 years. We got transfer to Missouri where I started school. Then in ’75-’76 the Missouri school system changed and they decided not to pick myself up for school! My father protsted because I did not have a ride to school!! We lost! Carl got a military transfer to West Germany. I was there this time for 8 years till high-sachool graduatio n!

  2. Then a few days after high-school graduation of ’84 I had a closed head-injury which put myself into a 45 day long coma. When I regained my memory it was the end of the year and I discovered that I had been transferred to Kansas City REHABILITATION INSTITUTE! THERE I discovered a wood-shop! I made a chess-board there while I was still using a wheel-chair.@@@@@@@@@@ I relocated to Utah where I went to a Vocational school. I was allowed to make furniture and I made a very useful bed. In ’89 I moved to Tampa Florida and from ’02-’06 I had a wood-shop job called FIVE FURNITURE. @@@@@@@@@@ At end of ’06 I entered my bed into a furniture exibition which I could mot win becaus my bed was too old. @@@@@@

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