Military Brat Wins Music Competition

Caylea-Ingram-350.jpgMilitary Brat Caylea Ingram recently won a songwriting competition on the website. The song is called My Life.

Caylea is 14 years old and has been creating her own musical compositions since she was 7 years old.

A family friend mentioned there was a competition for an original song about what it is like to be in an Air Force family, and her parents encouraged her.

According to Caylea, “When I create, it’s really neat because I hear the music immediately.  Then it’s a lot of work to actually make it into physical music, music you can hear, not that just plays in my own head.”

Caylea did all the recording and production work using an iMac.

Joe Ingram, Caylea’s father, currently serving in Iraq, who is a Military Brat himself, said:

“It is a song that speaks to being a military brat and as a former brat myself, it really touched my heart.  I was hoping you could post the song on your website for others to hear and enjoy.”

Thank you Joe, for your service, and for sharing your daughter’s song with us. It brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it—all Military Brats can relate to what Caylea has written and perfomed.

Congratulations Caylea. I hope we hear more from you soon.

—Vann Baker

Hear the song now. Click on the link below to listen now.

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  1. Congratulations and what a great song! It makes me a little sad, but happy and proud to be a Military Brat too!


  2. I grew up as an Air Force Brat and I would not change a thing.  Caylea, thanks for speaking to my heart.  I currently live in “Military City” AKA San Antonio, Texas.   I would like to thank my dad, Don Badgett, for giving me the opportunity to experience the military life. 

  3. Really great and spoke from the heart to the heart

  4. Bravo Caylea!  I loved your song.  I grew up with the whole world as my backyard also.  I love that line.  My dad was a fighter pilot in the air force.  You captured the good with the difficult. Thank you for your song.

  5. I love, love, love it Caylea! ‘ back yard is the whloe world’ gives me goose bumps. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us 🙂

  6. Having been an Air Force brat myself, I really relate to this song.

    Well done.

  7. AMAZING! Congratulations on a BEAUTIFUL song.  FABULOUS memories came flooding back, as well as the tears.

    It was a WONDERFUL LIFE!!!  We had North Africa, Japan, and all around the US for our backyards.

    I think my BRAT life is what made me into the person I am today.  A TRUE LIBERAL..  Against the WAR, FOR Universal Health Care, Anti-DISCRIMINATION, and a caretaker of Mother Earth.

    One thing about the military, you were EQUAL!! It didn’t matter what color your skin was.

    Many, many kudos to Caylea!

    KEEP making BEAUTIFUL music!

  8. your song really reflects the military brats life. i was raised as an army brat and have always missed haveing life long friends, but i know that the army life created the adult i am today. kudos to you

  9. WOW Caylea, what can I say that others havent already.  A few simple words  that has touched all our hearts. I’m a very proud Air Force Brat who also had the whole world for my backyard and would not change a thing. This should be the official military brat song. 

    Wishing you a very successful career


  10. Caylea,

    I’m a 57 year old Navy Brat.  Your song captures beautifully the instability & inconsistancy of the life.  I’ve always felt it makes me what I am.  Very nice job, you done good, a bitter-sweet experience that unless you’ve lived it, cannot be understood.  I still have anxiety attacks whenever I see a Mayflower moving van.  And wonder about the people I’ve known,  how things have turned out & if I’ll ever lose the feeling of never fitting in & where is home.


    • I’m a 58 year old brat and loved this song. Your response touched me as I spent many years feeling like I was not at home anywhere and by writing about my life I see that I can be at home anywhere.

  11. Excellent song !!! I was a brat and spent 24 years in the Air Force myself so did alot of moving so know exactly what your saying..

  12. What a wonderful song……totally speaks to the heart of any military brat!! I would not in a million years have had any other life……….I thank my Dad, Lt. Col. A.G. Martin Jr.(deceased) We have but only one life to live and thank you for mine!!

  13. The world was indeed our backyard!  We’ve all developed a more nuanced and balanced view of the world because of it.  Through it all; the moves, saying good-bye to old friends and hello to new ones, suriving bomb threats and protests, but also learning and experiencing cultures sometimes vastly different than our own…we’ve survived.  Caylee, thanks for putting down to music what so many of us Brats have been feeling for so long.  May you find much success in all of your endevours.  And thank your father for his service, as well as a “job well-done” for raising such an outstanding daughter!

  14. I was a military brat years ago in the army an wouldn’t trade it for anything. I learned how to make friends anytime we moved and adjusted to different situations—works for your whole life experiences.

  15. Loved the song. It defines us well. We’re the invisible kids.

  16. What I love about this song is it doesn’t simply apply to Air Force life.  As a Navy brat growing up, I got so used to saying “Hello, Goodbye”.  It ‘s a great song and captures the essence so well of what it means to be a military brat.  Love it!

    Congratulations on winning.  Your song is the “Brats Anthem” now, I suppose! 🙂

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