Military Brat Life Website Launched



A new website magazine was launched on June 15, 2009 in an effort to both preserve the Military Brat culture and to offer the civilian public a glimpse into the day to day experiences of Military Brats.

Vann Baker, editor and creator of the website said, “My hope and dream is that in the years to come, Military Brats, their families, historians and anyone interested in our unique heritage can have access to details about the Military Brat way of life.”

Vann is the creator of Military Brats Online, a community website dedicated to connecting and re-connecting Military Brats.

“Since the early days of Military Brats Online, Military Brats have wanted to share their personal experiences with others, and this website is designed to help Military Brats do just that.”

Military Brat Life is a public website, and offers essays, articles, poetry and is totally focused on the Military Brat experience, both good and bad.

“So many Military Brats were right there when history was being made, and all have vivid recollections of what it was like to live both in the U.S. and overseas from the the 1940s through to the present day. This website is here to help Military Brats share their stories.”

Military Brat Life accepts a wide range of new and previously published materials and is looking to help new writers find their audience.

For additional information

Please contact Vann Baker, Editor, Military Brat Life, using the Contact Form.


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