G.I. Joe

I am totally disappointed by these G.I. Joe previews I am seeing.

Not that it doesn’t look like a good movie—it’s just, well, not G.I. Joe to me.

When I first saw the mention of the new “joe” movie it was during the Super Bowl.  I told my husband with great excitement and he shrugged it off. He told me he never really got into G.I. Joe.

Honestly, neither did I for that matter, but I know I had one or two of the dolls, (I mean action figures) that were married to my Barbie and who had a large troop of little green army men minions that he commanded when he was sent off to war, leaving lonely Barbie behind.

I remember at that point Barbie would then tease Ken (not that he was ever really that interested in her unrealistic figure). She dated him, but never fell in love—then one day tight-ie white-ie Ken would ring the door bell.

Joe would have returned home from ‘Nam’ and pull up in the jeep out front of Barbie’s town house, and Barbie would then skip out the window on my Ken doll and ride off with her super hero Joe!

This movie from the trailer that I have seen advertised, unlike the Transformer movie, brings back zero recollection—no connection at all to the Original “joe.”

That’s too bad . . . he was awesome.

Oh well.

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