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Vann BakerThank you for visiting Military Brat Life. I hope that you are enjoying the many poems, articles, essays and blog posts within Military Brat Life.

I created this website as a place where Military Brats can share their experiences with others, and so that our unique heritage can be preserved for future generations.

If you are a Military Brat and you have a story you would like to share, please feel free to register as an author and submit your work for consideration.

Please understand that this website is a labor of love and that I work on the website on a part-time basis.

Military Brat Life Facebook Page

Pastor Brian CookIn April of 2015, Pastor Brian Cook, a fellow Military Brat, contacted me about the Facebook page he had created, Military Brat Times. Over the course of a few months it went from a handful of members to over a thousand. I was amazed at the activity on the page, especially all the vintage Military Brat images and thousands comments from readers.

At that time I was in was starting the process of rebuilding the Military Brat Life website, which was a daunting task.  However, with Brian’s encouragement and infectious enthusiasm I was motivated to complete the website redesign. In October of 2015, the Facebook page was renamed Military Brat Life and is now linked to the Military Brat Life website, and vice versa.

Brian is very active on the Facebook page behind the scenes and deserves kudos for doing such a great job getting Military Brats everywhere to look through old shoeboxes and photo albums for photographs to post on the Military Brat Life Facebook page.

The new and improved Military Brat Life website

In October of 2015, I completed a major redesign of the website. I moved all of the old website content (about 175 pages and over 500 comments) into a new website platform and did some major reorganization.

Here are some of the new website features:

  • Smartphone and tablet compatible – The new Military Brat Life website is responsive—the website works on mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Improved navigation. There is now a category navigator on the side for you to choose from the various blog category.
  • Blogs – On the old website there were a few blogs, but mostly articles and essays. I have combined all the articles into categories under the Blog page.
  • Commenting. The old website was constantly flooded with spam through the comment feature, so updating the website was difficult—but not anymore.
  • Streamlined Search. Search by a word or phrase and you will find a lot to read in the search results.

I need your help with alumni and other links

Many of the links to alumni organizations, personal pages and military-related pages were not working so I removed the link but left the name on the page. If you have working links to any of these resources, please let me know using the Link Suggestion form.

If you know of interesting Military Brat blogs or other websites of interest to Military Brats, let me know.

I appreciate all our readers and the many contributors who make this website possible.

–Vann Baker


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