Family Secrets – Part 2

The game’s afoot, or is that a hand?

So far we have followed my father’s story from when he worked in a factory to getting involved with intelligence work. He was a regular working Joe performing his duty, with no intentions of doing anything other than work on his beloved aircraft. We are picking up the story at the point where he has completed some training and is moving on to get his feet wet in the world of intrigue (or sneakiness).

Now, as they say, we are going to go deeper and, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, expose the true story of cover ups involving UFO’s. Yes, there were cover ups in the UFO investigations. The truth can now be told.

Hiding in Plain Sight

At one end of the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport was a small Air force installation. The buildings were barrack size and white. On one was a sign announcing to all that the 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron (AISS) could be found here. All persons interested in UFO sightings and the official Air Force investigation results could get them here.

Beyond the front reception area, were storerooms of all the military gear needed to support a good number of men in the wilds of the central east coast region. Behind the building were jeeps and trucks.

Our Story Begins . . .

Say you are on the night shift of some fleabag motel in 1950’s Georgia. It is quiet, humid and there is no breeze. Your town is 50 miles from the turnpike but you hear the sound of trucks coming down your street. Maybe you can see something more interesting than I Love Lucy and get up, open the door and go out just in time for you to see a bunch of blue trucks that look like Army trucks pull into your parking lot.

A young officer comes up to you and asks how many rooms you have available, and takes them all. Business is good.

The officer then tells you that his men are hungry and asks  are there any places they can eat. You tell him about the town’s three restaurants and two bars. The officer gets specific directions to each one then goes back to the men that have gathered around the front truck. The sergeant divides the men  into groups.  One group goes to each one of the eateries still open. Business will be good for the whole town.

All the men are in uniform and are friendly. The locals enjoy seeing some new faces so are friendly right back. As the evening progresses, every curious good ‘ol boy and gal gets around to asking them why they happen to be in their small town. They all get the same speech.

“We are the U.S. Air Force official UFO investigation team. We had a report of a sighting down by the holler off Jackson Road. Did any of you see a set of green lights, maybe five or six of ’em, last Thursday night?”

“Oh, no…no, didn’t see nothin’ like that.”

“Well, we will be around for a week or so, could you ask around for us? We will be staying at the motel at the end of town.”

Invariably, the Hungarian guys are asked where they are from. Their accents are quite noticeable. “You ain’t from these parts, you sound different, where are you from?”


Now, have you heard an Idaho accent?  Or, do you know what a Hungarian accent sounds like? Well, in this brat crowd, there may be a few that do, but play along with me. If you never heard an Idaho accent or Hungarian, how are you supposed to tell they aren’t telling the truth? They used to joke a lot about this at the parties.  “Where you from Ivan?”  “Idaho!”  and out came the mandolins.

Well, in a couple of days, by golly, someone did see some lights down by the holler off Jackson Road. Yes, they were pretty sure they saw five lights. They came down from the sky, turned right, then left, then landed over by the crik. “Well, we better go take some soil samples, pictures, air tests, radiation — oh, radiation. We better block off all the roads till we see if it is safe for anyone to go over there. We better call the sheriff for help.”

The men and their trucks leave town for a few days. They enlist the local constabulary to help them block roads and, if they do not have enough personnel, some of the enlisted men would pitch in and help. They brought their own weapons.

After several days, the UFO investigation is done. The soil samples have been packaged and safely piled in the trucks. The “radiation levels” were very low. It would be safe for the sheriff to open the roads in a week. If they need to bring in extra people or pay overtime, the Air Force is so pleased with their cooperation, they would be very happy to reimburse the town coffers for the loss.
And then they leave in those blue trucks that look like Army trucks.

Home Again

After his TDY, dad would come home to a family happy to see him, a son that wanted to play catch and a daughter that wanted to be read to. The baby in the crib just wanted mommy but had a big smile for that big brother that would come and go.

It was no secret that dad went on a trip. He would sometimes tell us about bedbugs and funny food they served in some out of the way places he went. Once they stumbled across a man hanging from a tree. He was a “negro.”  Would learn more then than all week at school. 

Now, on the second floor of that white building at the end of the Greater Pittsburgh Airport were some more store rooms and offices. In there was jump gear, helmets, radios and, in a special room, a good sized collection of foreign weapons. These are the tools of counter insurgency. In offices could be found foreign language texts and…pictures of crashed air planes?

Don’t let the term ‘counter insurgency’ throw you.  Here is what it means:

Those of you more familiar with the Viet Nam war may know of the Army’s most famous counter insurgency operations outfit. They would go into the back country, make friends and start asking for favors. Could someone count the number of vehicles going down a back road for them? Then, would someone like to do guard duty for them.

“We will teach you how to use a M1 carbine left over from WWII when Ho Chi Min worked with us against the Japanese invaders.”   They can keep the rifle.  Ho’s Viet Cong had lots of M1 carbines made in the U.S.A and liked them. Could you keep your “guard” rifle hidden just in case a Viet Cong drops by? As the king across the border in what used to be called Siam was famously quoted “Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.”

These U.S. Army counter insurgency specialists were known as the Green Berets.   Maybe some of your dads were some.   Any stories they have are worth writing about.  What they did in Viet Nam is exactly what dad’s outfit would do in Eastern Europe if Russia had ever gone into Western Europe.  They had recently tested us in Berlin so we weren’t going to take any chances.

If Russia were to invade western Europe, these guys would parachute into eastern block countries, set up gorilla operations, investigate crash sites and stuff like that.

Okay, lets do a review because there’s more. We have the same men posing as UFO investigators that are actually counter insurgency specialists. In their upper room is their gear for counter insurgency.  Next step, why did I see pictures of crashed air planes in the upper room?  Well, that leads to the next part of their “training.”

The Plot Thickens

On the mission statement we got from the Freedom of Information sources, part of what the 4602nd AISS was to do is find downed enemy aircraft both in Eastern Europe and in the United States as well if we were at war and an enemy plane came down in Iowa or somewhere. If possible, they were to capture the crews and interrogate them, get secret parts off the aircraft, papers and so forth.

The 4602nd AISS, out of the Pittsburgh International Airport, was also an Air Force’s crash team. This was the real purpose that dad, an aircraft  specialist, had been put into intelligence and trained to be a counter insurgent. If an enemy plane went down in Eastern Europe, he would know what parts we wanted. While he would be cleaning out the plane, the Hungarians would be, what’s the word, oh, “interrogating” the Russian pilots or any crew members they found alive. It was pretty certain the Hungarians would have been thorough.

Russia had recently invaded their own country.

* * *

I forget, maybe somebody can remind me why the U.N. made such a big deal about North Korea invading the South  (a revolution) and nothing at all about Russia invading Hungry ( a foreign nation)?  Let’s face it, if he did his mission in Europe, we would have never seen dad again.

* * *


Here We Go Again

Still with me? We are coming to the end of all this. Then I’ll give a summery that will put everything together for you and we will take a break. 

The Air Force does not exactly like to advertise its plane crashes. They use some flimsy excuse about atomic weapons and secret stuff…

The SOP is to have a team of people come in  before the crash is discovered.  If a crash has already been discovered, the military police go in.  Lots of ’em.  The crash teams go in with vehicles, and, before ATVs, they used mules (remember his training at Ft, Carson, Colorado, with the mountain men),  and, if they have to . . . well, remember those parachutes?   A very important part of their operation was the chaplain.

?* * *?

I got to know an Airborne chaplain that was kind enough to help me with a special project. Used to kid him that the wings on his chest were angel’s wings. He had been a POW in WWII because he held back and took care of wounded troops.  Maybe Battle of the Bulge.

This was one big dude. He had a deep rumbling voice that would rattle the windows of the chapel every Sunday. He would chew raw cigars. He’d chew on the end till it was shreds, cut it off and keep on chewing. This guy would not jump out of airplanes, he stepped out and the plane was glad to get rid of him!

* * *

The crash crew would first take care of the needs of the crews. The chaplain would administer whatever services were necessary and their bodies removed. That was priority one.

This type of crash crew was not to find out why the plane came down like FAA crash crews do.  They would next check for specific parts that they wanted to remove and pack out.   They would take lots of pictures. Pretty certain they would know if this was a broken arrow before they even started in.  Freedom of Information did not let on what they would do if it was.

A broken arrow is an accident involving neuclear weapons. A couple of movies refer to this term meaning just any crashed military plane. They were wrong. 

The entire squadron was on what they called a telephone pyramid. Never understood how it worked but it was their fail safe system of phone comunication for an emergency alert. They were always on call anyway, so this extra “chore” was no problem.

So this secret investigations of downed military aircraft was the third part of the Squadron’s operations.  It was training for their counter insurgency operations as well. Now we get back to the UFO’s and put it all together for you as promised


  1. The primary mission was counter insurgency in Eastern Block countries. Training was constant as was their studies.

  2. They were to secretly go to military aircraft crashes and secretly remove any security sensitive parts or materials just like they would in counter insurgency (see no. 1)

     They must both secretly go in and secretly come out with the remains of the crews and secret materials.  There could not have been a better training exercise for them.

  3. Have you figured out the UFO part in Georgia? This is the way they could go into a crash site, complete their investigation and removal duties and, then, come out right under the noses of locals.  There never was a UFO down by the crik.  It could have been a B-47, though.  

     Would you like to go back and read that section again? You will probably see words that weren’t there before.

Really hope you were impressed as much as I was when I finally got the whole picture.
Now you can tell all your Area 51  fans they were right.  There were cover ups, Unfortunately, no green men with big eyes.  Sorry. 

The UFO coverup story was used only when a plane went down near populated areas. When was it used? Well, that’s what colonels are for.


Don’t know about you, but I need a break. 

If you have any questions or would like to know how to see some of the sources, just drop me a line.   The rest of the story is easy reading.  No more deceptions.



Next, Part 3: How a family of a clandestine operative is secretly moved to a foreign country

OR “Where the %#!! is the furniture !”

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