(The official flower of the Military Brat)

Dandelion you’re like me

Set adrift to ride the breeze

Drifting here and settling there

To grow as if you have no care

Only those like you will know

The sudden rush to rise and go

On any current you will flow

On any weathered wind you’ll blow

In any sea, on any tide

On any ground, you will abide

And you never do decide

Just where you’ll go, or how you’ll ride

Around the world, among all kinds

Flying with no tie that binds

Always leaving friends behind

Trying not to show you mind

Dandelion I’m like you!

Of my future, I’ve no clue!

I put down roots that have no glue

So I’ll move to somewhere new.

Patti Neal Cadwallader 2009

The Dandelion is the official flower of the Military Brat. Patti Neal is the team leader of the Military Brats Street Team on Etsy. Etsy is a website to sell handmade arts and crafts.

Editor’s note: Every April (The month of the Military Child), Patti challenges her team to make items with a dandelion theme. It’s pretty amazing what these artists come up with! She was inspired to write the Dandelion poem during one of our team challenges.

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  1. This describes military brats very well! I wasn’t one, but I’ve known many and know they feel this way. Beautiful poem.

  2. This Spring brought me the best gift. My twenty month old daughter picked a flower from the yard on the way in from getting the mail with her dad. This was the first ever flower given to me by my child…it was a Dandelion. As common as it is to the rest of the world, it’s special to us and I can’t wait to tell her one day how perfect her random pick actually was!

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