My mother hates when I say this, but sometimes I think life on a military base is like life in a Cult.

Now please don’t take that wrong!

I don’t mean we should all wear matching robes and the same kind of sneaker that will help us walk in space when “they” come for us…drink the same funky Kool-aid or anything.

I loved growing up in the military and would not change that for anything in the world…I am just making an observation.

The fact is we all have the same belief system…we all practice the same rituals.  We all live in the same secret society if you will.

I grabbed my dictionary and looked up the word Cult.

According to Random House Webster’s Dictionary:

     Cult: a group devoted to a person, fad etc; attracting a group of devotees.

That’s my point right there. We’re all devoted to the same cause. On an Air Base everyone has the same devoted objectives.

For the Service Men and Women, it is to serve their country and protect it from Foreign and Domestic threats.

For the family members attached to those service men and women, it is strictly about day to day survival.

That’s all I am trying to say, Mom.

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