Child of a Soldier

This is a Veterans Day Poem from a Military Brat, to all Veterans.


I’m the child of a Soldier,
Proud as can be,
Who served our Country, most admirably

He took on the job
To help keep us safe
As we moved around, from place to place

We carried the flag
As he risked life and limb
There are really no words that can ever thank him

We are free today
Because he gave his all
I’ve bowed to you, Dad, since I was small!

This is my thanks
To Soldiers true
For we could not stand tall, if it weren’t for you

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  1. I absolutely loved this poem.  Would you be willing to let me post it on my website,

  2. I am doing a oral oratory fro speech and debate and I would like to use your poem for my opening?

  3. Love the poem, I’m a Military Brat. Would love to share it

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