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C5 Sighting

Today as I headed home down the 840, my daughter rubber necked around from her car seat and yelled out, “Plane!” It was far away still.  It had completed a turn and was heading away from us.  I was entering an intersection, so I assumed it was the 130 that usually drills in our air space and thought nothing much of it. A half hour later my husband and I set our sights on the bank now […]

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Ruth examines the homesickness that affects all Military Brats.

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Military Brat

This article is an in-depth exploration of what it means to be called “Military Brat.”

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My Lucky Shamrock

Some simple stories are hard to explain, and some things in life, like true love, is meant to be.

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Earning Extra Money

Regular paying jobs for Military Brats were scarce or non-existing on many military bases, but somehow we found ways to earn a little extra money to stretch our weekly allowance.

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The Things We’ve Seen

The daily routine of life on a military post was often boring, but once in a while something would happen to shake things up a bit.

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The Trip to India

“Our trips to and from India were marathons . . . with many stops along the way, but the experiences were well worth it.

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MITO Video For B52 Brats

OK!  This is for all you B-52 Brats.  This is an awesome video of the alert crew drilling MITO (Minimum Interval Take-Off ) I’ve actually seen this in person…I don’t know if it was as many planes, but I have seen them take off like this and it is remarkable. Check it out! I have to say…as much as I love the B52 and can pick out that swirl in the sky any time any […]

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Air Force Brat Jeapordy

Here is an interesting game . . .

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Story of an Army Brat

Jensina describes her memories and the things that made her life that of a Miltary Brat.

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Adventures in Travel

Personal accounts of traveling with the family when changing duty stations.

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The Big Streak of 1974

“In the spring of 1974, while attending Frankfurt American High School, in Frankfurt, Germany, many students were introduced—or exposed—to a new cultural phenomenon called “streaking”. I’m not sure if it was a protest against conformity, the Viet Nam war, or a combination of hormones, impending graduation stress and simply a temporary lapse of judgment teenagers are prone to—or all of the above.

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Making a Buck at Beale

“We have one job left.”


“It requires one year of janitor experience. Do you have one year of janitor experience?”

Sitting at the bottom of that missile silo that first night on the job convinced me having high connections that get you into low places can be a good thing.

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Know Thy Neighbor

Living in assigned quarters on any military post means living where you are told to live, unlike civilians who get to choose where they want to live and what schools their children can go to. James offers some insights into life on post.

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Frankfurt American High School Revisited

Remembering Frankfurt American High School at a reunion before the school was closed in the 1990s.

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