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AFRC Vacation Time – Part 2

The other AFRC resort we visited back in the 1970s was in Garmisch, again in the German Alps. This time, however, we went in the springtime. I guess it must have been back in ’76.

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First Days as a “Civilian”

Leave the Military Brat life behind and transitioning to civilian life is always difficult. Alex shares with us his story.

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Old Memories

“When the soldiers used to return from the field after several weeks, they used to come through the housing area. All of us kids, and some of the mothers, would stand outside and watch them as they came through. Most of us were hoping to see our dads. And when we did, there was nothing that could beat that excitement.”

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Tanks . . . for the Memories

Let’s face it, if you grew up on Army posts you probably encountered more than a few tanks—working and non-working. And if you grew up with tanks practically in the back yard, like me, you probably have much more than a passing interest in what they are, what they can do and what they symbolize.

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Accepting Brathood

“Like many other military brats, I also have no place to call home. My civilian friends always laughed at me when we went on school trips because I was apt to call the hotel that we were staying at ‘home.'”

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What is a Military Brat?

What exactly is a “Military Brat”? How do you become one, and is it possible for Military Brats to return to the civilian world and forget their past?

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Family Secrets – Part 4

“We ain’t in Kansas no more, Toto.”

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My First Car

What could you buy for $100 in 1974?

A slightly used, but not abused, 1959 VW Beetle, that’s what!

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Saturday Matinees at the Base Theater

“Going to the movies with a dozen or so buddies added greatly to the enjoyment, especially when you could get seats in the first two to four rows down in the center section. Girls had their own groups, at that time boys and girls kept to their own ‘tribes’.”

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The Heidelberg Castle Illumination

While it was hard to find a 4th of July fireworks celebration in the heart of Germany in the early 1960s, there was always the Heidelberg Castle illumination, which promised to be every bit as exciting.

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Unexpectedly, Plan B

Making the decision to enter military service is no easy task, even for a Military Brat.

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Vacation Time

“I think that to go on vacation is in my blood. It all started with my parents. I suppose the military lifestyle is to blame, or perhaps something they put into the water on all those army bases. Regardless, my genetic code has altered and mutated to the point where the act of going on vacation has now been passed on to my children as well. That’s how that stuff works.”

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Nose Art

High-flying descendants of the ship’s figurehead, the colorful, non-regulation artworks that decorate the metal skins of combat aircraft are great morale boosters for pilots and crew alike … (T)he slogans and images used in aviation art, surveying the genre from … cheeky graffiti; cartoon characters “borrowed” from Disney, Warner Bros., and Charles Schultz; animal art—from snarling tigers and fire-breathing dragons to predatory sharks and eagles; and that glorious staple of the species, the pinup!

Nose Art Book Review, by J. P. Wood

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Time Travels

Barbara Matos shows us how to look back backward, and how to look forward too.

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We Thought We Were Normal

It isn’t until much later when your ID card is taken from you and you are pushed from the citadel that you find out that you are not “normal” by most standards . . .

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