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AFN Midnight In Europe – 1960s

In the early 1960’s I used to go to bed and listen to my grandfathers old valve radio through a set of very large headphones. After realising that the signal on 208 meters (Radio Luxembourg) drifted off station on medium wave on a regular basis, I roamed the airwaves and found AFN ( American Forces Network ) which had a much stronger signal. The music was completely different, and I found myself enjoying the sounds […]

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Another Generation of Brats

Another Military Brat tells her story.

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Our Families

Military life is different from the way that most kids grow up in the civilian world. Only those of us who have lived as Military Brats really understand what that means.

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When life revolves around conformity and obeying all the rules—all the time—what happens to those who try to buck the system on a military base?

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42-E Lincoln Avenue

Moving from small house in suburbia of Columbus, Georgia to across the ocean to a typical apartment building in Mannheim, Germany. . . was an adjustment for our military family.

Life would never be the same again.

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Lost in a Sonic Boom

“Giving the speed of sound the slip; has cracked the air like a penny whip.”—John Updike

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City of Rochefort Gives a Unique Gift . . .

“In the City of Rochefort, France there stands what is known as the Arsenal Arch. It almost looks like a miniature version of Paris’ Arc d’Triumphe”

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Mr. Loo

There are some people and places that are truly unforgettable. This is Debbie Adam’s essay essay about a special time, place and person in her life.

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My First Trip to Germany

Moving is always exciting, but a first trip overseas is very special indeed for a twelve year old.

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The History of the POW/MIA Bracelet . . .

During the Cold War Years, many Military Brats and civilians wore POW and MIA bracelets. This article is about the bracelet I still wear in remembrance of SGT. Kenneth Lancaster.

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The Lost Ones

“We saw the world, and were fortunate to have the opportunities we had to visit places and meet people most of our extended families and friends only dream about. All of that comes with a price—we have no where to call ‘home’.”

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This Army Brat

Ever been to 17 different countries, 13 differnet schools, moved 7 times, and seen some of the greatest things in the world before you even turned 18?  Ray Wilhelm has, and this is his story.

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In The Beginning

My Story begins where every one else’s does…the Water Tower.

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Post libraries provided a quiet, organized place to learn more about the world, work on term papers, find a novel to read or check out the latest Playboy centerfold.

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Rags to Riches

My father seemed to handle the stresses of his career very well. There was one strange thing he was hung up on that I could never understand.

For all of you that have had to go through similar quirks and crappy treatment, here is a story on how providence gave me my comeuppance.

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