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416th OMS

A website has been established for the once members of the 416th OMS (Organizational Maintenance Squadron) at Griffiss AFB. If you or your military loved one was once stationed at the now realigned AFB please visit the site and reconnect.   0

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Still Looking For Home

This article is about Military Brats “making their own way.”

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Searching For Roots

Moving so many times makes it so hard to put down roots. Here is Anica’s take on the subject.

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Rainy Days and Comic Books

With no U.S.. TV programs being broadcast in Europe during the 1960s, or no TV for that matter, what can a Military Brat do on a cold rainy afternoon, that doesn’t cost anything?

Trade comics of course!

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My Life as an Army Brat—And Beyond

The very first professional picture taken of me was sitting on a pony, dressed as a cowboy, in McAlester, Oklahoma. The second professional photograph is of me dressed in an Army uniform with Sergeant’s stripes to match my dad’s. Thus began my life as an Army Brat.

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Freedom with Restrictions

We were free to come and go as we pleased on base—as long as we obeyed all the rules!

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A B-52 Mid-air Collision

Life on a military base is routine and somewhat predictable. An accident, especially on a large scale is anything but routine.

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Joe E. Wheeler – The Good Shepherd

Like many Military Brats, I left my family to begin my own life. This essay covers 6 years of my life, living in Columbus, Georgia, near Fort Benning, and my memories of Joe E. Wheeler, who touched the lives of many people in the military, their spouses, Military Brats and the community in which he lived.

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Road Weary

Greg Kerr shares with the readers of Military Brat Life something we all have in common—long road trips we took as families, moving from place to place, and visiting family along the way.

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Previous Life

“It has often been said that you can never go home again. And for military brats, that can be doubly true.”

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