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Vacation Time

“I think that to go on vacation is in my blood. It all started with my parents. I suppose the military lifestyle is to blame, or perhaps something they put into the water on all those army bases. Regardless, my genetic code has altered and mutated to the point where the act of going on vacation has now been passed on to my children as well. That’s how that stuff works.”

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Nose Art

High-flying descendants of the ship’s figurehead, the colorful, non-regulation artworks that decorate the metal skins of combat aircraft are great morale boosters for pilots and crew alike … (T)he slogans and images used in aviation art, surveying the genre from … cheeky graffiti; cartoon characters “borrowed” from Disney, Warner Bros., and Charles Schultz; animal art—from snarling tigers and fire-breathing dragons to predatory sharks and eagles; and that glorious staple of the species, the pinup!

Nose Art Book Review, by J. P. Wood

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Time Travels

Barbara Matos shows us how to look back backward, and how to look forward too.

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We Thought We Were Normal

It isn’t until much later when your ID card is taken from you and you are pushed from the citadel that you find out that you are not “normal” by most standards . . .

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Family Secrets – Part 5

Life became twice as large when the family moves into Tokyo. Too soon it’s over and the family has to escape from murder.

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The Parachute

In a time when there was no TV broadcasts, many Military Brats found hobbies and reading to occupy their time, as we did.

One day an orange and white parachute came into our lives.

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Little Boxes

Remember the song by Malvina Reynolds with the words: “Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky, little boxes on the hillside, little boxes just the same.” Military Brats know all about those “little boxes.”

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Dad’s Brogans or Why isn’t Mt. Fuji a Mountain?

If you’re wondering what a “brogan” is, and what this has to do with anything, read on . . .

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C5 Sighting

Today as I headed home down the 840, my daughter rubber necked around from her car seat and yelled out, “Plane!” It was far away still.  It had completed a turn and was heading away from us.  I was entering an intersection, so I assumed it was the 130 that usually drills in our air space and thought nothing much of it. A half hour later my husband and I set our sights on the bank now […]

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Ruth examines the homesickness that affects all Military Brats.

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