Military Brat Life Blogs

Christmas Time in Deutschland

Remembering Christmases from my childhood at Landstuhl Germany with our German friends for six years.

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Culture Shock

While Military Brats do adapt to new schools, countries and cultures—they have to—it is a difficult process and hard to forget.

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While I loved to travel overseas, getting our shot records up to date before leaving was . . . a pain—in the arm.

I my first encounter with the “shot doctor” before going to Germany in 1962. It would not be my last.

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Regardless of where you were stationed, Baseball was a part of growing up as Military Brat. Bill shares with us his learning about baseball from his caree Air Force father.

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The Praying Mantis

My true life encounter with a praying mantis while living in an off-base housing area in the Philippines during the Cold War.

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Moving Experience

“No, this essay is not about anything relating to moving from place to place. ‘PCS’ is still a term I have firmly implanted into my brain.  That, and my father’s social security number.  As we all remember, for years we were identified by our sponsor’s Social Security Number.  I suppose when you repeat a 9-digit number for the better part of 21 years, it’s hard to get out of your head.”—James Kidd

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My Worst Year As a Brat

Not all Military Brat experiences were great.

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Childhood Adventures in Japan

Living overseas and experiencing different cultures was a big part of the Military Brat experience. Judy shares her memories of Japan.

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Music Strikes the Memory Cord

Music soothes my soul.  It fixes me when I feel broken, but it also transforms me to another time and place. My friends have called me the Rain Man of Music—at least for the 80’s.  It seems like almost any song that comes on the radio I can tell them who sang it and the year that it was popular. What they don’t understand, is that that part of my life is defined by short […]

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