Military Brat Life Blogs

Story of an Army Brat

Jensina describes her memories and the things that made her life that of a Miltary Brat.

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Adventures in Travel

Personal accounts of traveling with the family when changing duty stations.

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The Big Streak of 1974

“In the spring of 1974, while attending Frankfurt American High School, in Frankfurt, Germany, many students were introduced—or exposed—to a new cultural phenomenon called “streaking”. I’m not sure if it was a protest against conformity, the Viet Nam war, or a combination of hormones, impending graduation stress and simply a temporary lapse of judgment teenagers are prone to—or all of the above.

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Making a Buck at Beale

“We have one job left.”


“It requires one year of janitor experience. Do you have one year of janitor experience?”

Sitting at the bottom of that missile silo that first night on the job convinced me having high connections that get you into low places can be a good thing.

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Know Thy Neighbor

Living in assigned quarters on any military post means living where you are told to live, unlike civilians who get to choose where they want to live and what schools their children can go to. James offers some insights into life on post.

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Frankfurt American High School Revisited

Remembering Frankfurt American High School at a reunion before the school was closed in the 1990s.

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In Praise of Robert Bauerle

Alex, a Military Brat who grew up in former West Germany, now calls Scotland home and shares with us how one teacher’s influences has lasted a lifetime.

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My First Move

Diane looks back at her introduction to military life, and the inevitable first move.

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Dancing in the Skies on Laughter-Silvered Wings

“It was all airplanes all the time. At least that’s what it seemed like. I hadn’t heard this much aircraft chatter in so long, it was as if we were trying to relearn an old language. My sister and I were truely lucky to be a part of the 55K Reunion.”

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Life After the Military

Do you feel stuck between military life and civilian life?

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