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Military Life, Isn’t It Grand?

“Where else can you get a real education in life, meet interesting people and learn all you’ll ever need to know to become an adult?”

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Military Brat Wins Music Competition

Listen to Caylea Ingram’s amazing song which all Military Brats can relate to!

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Movie Threatre Diversions

What can you do when it’s Saturday, with no U.S. TV broadcasts and 25 cents in your pocket?

Escape to another world and devour a big bag of popcorn!

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When Santa Wore Combat Boots

Trina remembers a very special time in her life as a Military Brat.

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Deer Hunting on Base

“My father before me was a hunter, and I grew up on stories of deer hunting in Michigan . . . “ Greg shares his memories of hunting on base and carrying on the family tradition.

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Hurry Up And Wait

All Military Brats know the joys of “Sick Call” and waiting their turn to be seen by a doctor when sick. Here are some observations of on Military Brat.

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416th OMS

A website has been established for the once members of the 416th OMS (Organizational Maintenance Squadron) at Griffiss AFB. If you or your military loved one was once stationed at the now realigned AFB please visit the site and reconnect.   0

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Still Looking For Home

This article is about Military Brats “making their own way.”

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Searching For Roots

Moving so many times makes it so hard to put down roots. Here is Anica’s take on the subject.

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