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Freedom with Restrictions

We were free to come and go as we pleased on base—as long as we obeyed all the rules!

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A B-52 Mid-air Collision

Life on a military base is routine and somewhat predictable. An accident, especially on a large scale is anything but routine.

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Joe E. Wheeler – The Good Shepherd

Like many Military Brats, I left my family to begin my own life. This essay covers 6 years of my life, living in Columbus, Georgia, near Fort Benning, and my memories of Joe E. Wheeler, who touched the lives of many people in the military, their spouses, Military Brats and the community in which he lived.

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Road Weary

Greg Kerr shares with the readers of Military Brat Life something we all have in common—long road trips we took as families, moving from place to place, and visiting family along the way.

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Previous Life

“It has often been said that you can never go home again. And for military brats, that can be doubly true.”

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Spam—the Kind You Cook

There was a time when Spam was something that came in a can and could be cooked many different ways—not something delivered to your email box. Spam—then and now. Can’t you smell it cooking?

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Family Secrets – Part 1

This is a story that could not be told for 20 years of a spy and his family. Learn about how he became a spy, the cover ups and the many secrets. And that was just his family that lived among you.

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Radio Connections With The Past And Present

While base life provided everything we needed, we wanted more . . . news and the things that we were familiar with like music and radio programs to remind us of what we had left behind and looked forward to.

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Craft Shops

Looking for something to do in your “spare” time on base? Thinking of taking up a new hobby?
The base craft shop may have exactly what you’re looking for—and then some, with tools and instructors for a wide range of hobbies.

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Marines and Toys for Tots—Semper Fi!

Thomas shares with us his memories of his father, who would sometimes don a different kind of uniform.

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Castle Climbing in Germany

What was “West” Germany like in the 1960s? How did many U.S. military families spend their time?
Visiting small Germany towns and castle climbing, of course!

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Going Native

It was called, “living on the economy“, and depending on your viewpoint, it was either a great experience—or not.

For our family, and from my Military Brat viewpoint, our second trip to Germany in 1973 was a great experience.

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G.I. Joe

I am totally disappointed by these G.I. Joe previews I am seeing. Not that it doesn’t look like a good movie—it’s just, well, not G.I. Joe to me. When I first saw the mention of the new “joe” movie it was during the Super Bowl.  I told my husband with great excitement and he shrugged it off. He told me he never really got into G.I. Joe. Honestly, neither did I for that matter, but […]

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Where is Home?

Mary McKay ponders the question of where exactly is home for a Military Brat?

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Once a Brat, Always a Brat!

The title says it all!

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