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MITO Video For B52 Brats

OK!  This is for all you B-52 Brats.  This is an awesome video of the alert crew drilling MITO (Minimum Interval Take-Off ) I’ve actually seen this in person…I don’t know if it was as many planes, but I have seen them take off like this and it is remarkable. Check it out! I have to say…as much as I love the B52 and can pick out that swirl in the sky any time any […]

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Tanks . . . for the Memories

Let’s face it, if you grew up on Army posts you probably encountered more than a few tanks—working and non-working. And if you grew up with tanks practically in the back yard, like me, you probably have much more than a passing interest in what they are, what they can do and what they symbolize.

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Nose Art

High-flying descendants of the ship’s figurehead, the colorful, non-regulation artworks that decorate the metal skins of combat aircraft are great morale boosters for pilots and crew alike … (T)he slogans and images used in aviation art, surveying the genre from … cheeky graffiti; cartoon characters “borrowed” from Disney, Warner Bros., and Charles Schultz; animal art—from snarling tigers and fire-breathing dragons to predatory sharks and eagles; and that glorious staple of the species, the pinup!

Nose Art Book Review, by J. P. Wood

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C5 Sighting

Today as I headed home down the 840, my daughter rubber necked around from her car seat and yelled out, “Plane!” It was far away still.  It had completed a turn and was heading away from us.  I was entering an intersection, so I assumed it was the 130 that usually drills in our air space and thought nothing much of it. A half hour later my husband and I set our sights on the bank now […]

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