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The Cold War Years

The Cold War Years had a big impact on many of us Military Brats in  the 1950s to late 1980s 

I suppose the experience depended on where you lived.  I lived during those years at Keesler Air Force Base four different times, India, England twice, and the Azores.

Now that it has been de-classified, it is okay to say that what we were doing in India was spying on the Chinese and Russians—that was in the early fifties.  Since I was a child, I had no idea at the time. My dad never talked about his job at home.

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Understanding Sacrifice

Kelley Westenhoff, who has served in the Air Force, and is married to an Air Force pilot, shares her experience of travelling Space Available, or “Space-A” as it was called.

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How “Fort Knox” – The Comic Strip – Got Its Start

Behind every comic strip there is a cartoonist, and behind Fort Knox, is Paul Jon Boscacci. Living the life of a Military Brat has given him rich experiences to literally draw upon for his Fort Knox characters, and in this article, Jon tells us what got him started, and how we all can help keep him going!

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Childhood Adventures in Japan

Living overseas and experiencing different cultures was a big part of the Military Brat experience. Judy shares her memories of Japan.

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Where is Home?

Many brats struggle with “where is home?” Lisa gives us her perspective.

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Dear United States Army

We often talk about the places we lived and what we experienced, but in this letter, Pete gives thanks to the U.S. Army who made his Military Brat experience possible.

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Military Brats—Or The Legacy of Finding Home

Kathryn discusses her discover of what she had become from growing up “military.”

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Music Strikes the Memory Cord

Music soothes my soul.  It fixes me when I feel broken, but it also transforms me to another time and place. My friends have called me the Rain Man of Music—at least for the 80’s.  It seems like almost any song that comes on the radio I can tell them who sang it and the year that it was popular. What they don’t understand, is that that part of my life is defined by short […]

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Searching For Roots

Moving so many times makes it so hard to put down roots. Here is Anica’s take on the subject.

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Please Stand By . . .

Jim takes us down memory lane with his essay about those words most of us remember well, “Please stand by.”

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Previous Life

“It has often been said that you can never go home again. And for military brats, that can be doubly true.”

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