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To Find A Fallen Star

I stirred from an uneasy sleep. I needed to use the bathroom, too much juice again before bedtime. Opening my eyes I looked up into the darkness. It was quiet, only the gentle ticking from the clock crept through the stillness. A faint glow of sodium orange framed the bedroom curtain. I turn round to my left side and fumbled for my bedside clock which stood on the top of the bookcase beside the bunk […]

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Brats To Come

We here are all Brats. At one point in our lives, we all watched our parent (or parents) don their uniforms and walk out of our homes. For many of us, those departures turned into endless days, weeks or months of wondering if they would return. Sadly, some of us also watched as our loved ones returned to us with their coffins drapped in the colors of our nation. The sacrifices that they made defy […]

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It’s a Small World (For US Brats) After All

If you added up all of the folks that served across the branches over the last 30 or 40 years, and then added the number of dependants (that’d be you and me..and our civvy parent(s)), while the number would be rather large, in reality we’re a small, tight-knit demographic. Case in point was something that happened this past Sunday. My mother and I drove to the Arsenal to attend Sunday service at the Chapel. We […]

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Remembering an Army Thanksgiving

This year’s Thanksgiving celebration just passed was one of the best our family has ever held. I hope yours was as well! For once, our entire family was together and we had quite the crowd at the Kerr shanty here in suburban Atlanta Georgia. My mind drifted to other Thanksgivings, and I couldn’t help remembering one from the early sixties–an Army Thanksgiving. I’m not sure of the year, but since it was prior to my […]

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Why I Never Say Goodbye

Editor’s Note: Why I Never Say Goodbye first appeared in Military Brats Online on July 21, 2009 As Military Brats we learned early in life that the friends you have at the moment might be gone tomorrow. While it was exciting to learn that your best friend or a classmate was going to Taiwan, Georgia, Turkey or who knows where, it was also a way of telling someone that your friendship was ending. Goodbyes I can’t […]

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The Traveling Wiseman

“Where the hell is APO, New York? I have never heard of that city.”

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Accepting Brathood

“Like many other military brats, I also have no place to call home. My civilian friends always laughed at me when we went on school trips because I was apt to call the hotel that we were staying at ‘home.'”

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Time Travels

Barbara Matos shows us how to look back backward, and how to look forward too.

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Ruth examines the homesickness that affects all Military Brats.

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Air Force Brat Jeapordy

Here is an interesting game . . .

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Life After the Military

Do you feel stuck between military life and civilian life?

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The Lost Ones

“We saw the world, and were fortunate to have the opportunities we had to visit places and meet people most of our extended families and friends only dream about. All of that comes with a price—we have no where to call ‘home’.”

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Culture Shock

After spending several years overseas, culture shock when returning to the United States is a given.

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A Brat’s Past and Present: Too Close to Home

While Military Brats are known to be a tough and used to seeing men and women in uniform, sometimes something happens that is a bit close to home.

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The Cold War Years

The Cold War Years had a big impact on many of us Military Brats in  the 1950s to late 1980s 

I suppose the experience depended on where you lived.  I lived during those years at Keesler Air Force Base four different times, India, England twice, and the Azores.

Now that it has been de-classified, it is okay to say that what we were doing in India was spying on the Chinese and Russians—that was in the early fifties.  Since I was a child, I had no idea at the time. My dad never talked about his job at home.

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