Joining The Miltary

Dan Anton: An Unexpected Military Journey to the Business World

The traits acquired by ex-military leadership often translates well into the private sector. This is true for Dan Anton, a retired Infantry Ranger Army Major, who hails from a proud family of military service. Dan’s father Jim, his father James, grandfather Henry, and his great grandfather all served in the United States military. Dan knew of the family’s military tradition but had no plans to join the service. His passion was computer science and solving […]

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Reflections On My Navy Career

When my father, Kingston Winget, turned 13 all he wanted to do was be a soldier. He enlisted in late 1944 but just missed World War II. Many young men really did want to get to the war before it was over. As it was he stayed in and became an officer and served in the Korean War and later three times in Vietnam. As soon as I was born he wanted me to be […]

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When life revolves around conformity and obeying all the rules—all the time—what happens to those who try to buck the system on a military base?

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Unexpectedly, Plan B

Making the decision to enter military service is no easy task, even for a Military Brat.

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