Remembering an Army Thanksgiving

This year’s Thanksgiving celebration just passed was one of the best our family has ever held. I hope yours was as well! For once, our entire family was together and we had quite the crowd at the Kerr shanty here in suburban Atlanta Georgia. My mind drifted to other Thanksgivings, and I couldn’t help remembering one from the early sixties–an Army Thanksgiving. I’m not sure of the year, but since it was prior to my […]

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Spam—the Kind You Cook

There was a time when Spam was something that came in a can and could be cooked many different ways—not something delivered to your email box. Spam—then and now. Can’t you smell it cooking?

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Food—on and off-base

I was a growing teenager when I lived in Germany, so I needed food, and lots of it! I still have some fond memories of my time in Germany involving food. Where to begin? How about the base snack bar. Cheap, basic food maybe, but it sure tasted good.

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