Fond Military Brat Memories

Moving Experience

“No, this essay is not about anything relating to moving from place to place. ‘PCS’ is still a term I have firmly implanted into my brain.  That, and my father’s social security number.  As we all remember, for years we were identified by our sponsor’s Social Security Number.  I suppose when you repeat a 9-digit number for the better part of 21 years, it’s hard to get out of your head.”—James Kidd

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The Parachute

In a time when there was no TV broadcasts, many Military Brats found hobbies and reading to occupy their time, as we did.

One day an orange and white parachute came into our lives.

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Foxy Lady

A Jimi Hendrix Memoir.

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416th OMS

A website has been established for the once members of the 416th OMS (Organizational Maintenance Squadron) at Griffiss AFB. If you or your military loved one was once stationed at the now realigned AFB please visit the site and reconnect.   0

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G.I. Joe

I am totally disappointed by these G.I. Joe previews I am seeing. Not that it doesn’t look like a good movie—it’s just, well, not G.I. Joe to me. When I first saw the mention of the new “joe” movie it was during the Super Bowl.  I told my husband with great excitement and he shrugged it off. He told me he never really got into G.I. Joe. Honestly, neither did I for that matter, but […]

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More Childhood Adventures in India

In this article, Judy shares more of her childhood in India.

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Old Memories

“When the soldiers used to return from the field after several weeks, they used to come through the housing area. All of us kids, and some of the mothers, would stand outside and watch them as they came through. Most of us were hoping to see our dads. And when we did, there was nothing that could beat that excitement.”

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