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I am a professional military dependent. My father was military, I went to nine different schools in twelve years and graduated from Naples American High school in Naples Italy. I have been married to a military man for the last twenty-seven years. I have two children ages twenty-six and fifteen, who my husband and I have raised to be proud of their military background. I started writing several years ago, and have completed my first novel. I have also had a couple of my essays published. "The wisdom of a Child" in the Power to Believe and "Lost Little Girl Found" in Breaking the Cycle. I have also written several monologues and plays for The Urban Theater, I co-directed for. It is a social issue based preforming arts company for teens and about teens, and helps them deal with the many social issues that they are faced with on a day to day basis. It was picked up by the juvenile courts and implemented as one of their programs to help troubled teens.

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