Air Force Brat Jeapordy

Here is an interesting game . . .

Travel For 100 pts.
It is a vessel that transports, destroys, and delays our most precious possessions.
What is the Mayflower?

Travel For 200 pts.
This is a God-forsaken place with no interesting possibilities.
What is a Air Force Brats next Destination?

Travel For 300 pts.
It is a day in which household belonging arrive out of storage.
What is a Military Christmas Day?

Travel For 400 pts.
It is a small square sticker attached to all household belongings.
What is a brat stamp?

Travel For 500 pts.
They have the most brat stamps on their bicycles.
Who are the base commander’s kids?

Lifestyle For 100 pts.
It leaves you bruised and unsightly.
What is a military haircut?

Lifestyle For 200 pts.
It is a crowded warehouse with limited merchandise and workers with only 9 fingers.
What is the base commissary?

Lifestyle For 300 pts.
It is a large vessel, which holds, rejected body fluids.
What is the base pool?

Lifestyle For 400 pts.
It is the main difference between the Officer’s and the NCO’s pool.
What are 500 kids?

Lifestyle For 500 pts.
It is a sobering event, following a night of celebration.
What is driving through the security gate?

Potpourri For 100 pts.
It is a place, which has had more punctures than Betsy Ross’s pin cushion.
What is an air force brat’s arm?

Potpourri For 200 pts.
It is a small structure with 10,000 legs and no pubic hair.
What is the Saturday matinee on base?

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in Military Brats Online.

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