About Us

Military Brat Life is an online magazine, filled with blogs, articles, essays, poetry, book reviews and is designed to celebrate all that is unique and special about growing up in a military family.

Military Brat Life is a “open” website where all Military Brats from all service branches can share their experiences, their stories, and support brats who need help coping with the world outside of military bases.

What is a Military Brat?

If you are new to the term, please read this article, What is a Military Brat?, which should shed some light on the subject. Military Brats are the the children who grow up on bases around the country and around the world.

Our Goals

The primary goals of Military Brat Life is to preserve our unique culture, and to share with the public and fellow Military Brats, what it is like to grow up in different countries and on military bases around the country.

We’re looking for a few good writers

If you are a writer, or you would like to be published for the first time, and would like to contribute to Military Brat Life, please take a look at our Writer’s Guidelines before you register and begin submitting your work. We are looking for articles, poetry and short fiction which is based on the Military Brat experience.

About Vann Baker

Vann BakerVann Baker is Military Brat Life‘s editor and one of the contributors to this website. Vann has published many blog articles on Military Brats Online, many of which are published here, giving the reader insight into what it was like to grow up on U.S. military bases during the height of the Cold War.

Vann also is the administrator of Military Brats Online, a social network and community website that is also dedicated to Military Brats. Military Brats Online is a members only website and the content of the website is not open to the general public.

Thank you for visiting Military Brat Life, and please bookmark this site as we will be adding new content, and take a look at the comments to blog posts which can be quite interesting.

—Vann Baker


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