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Child Of The Blue By L. Diane Ryan

In  Child of the Blue, Ryan serves up a feast of amazing memories drawn from the happy chaos of her childhood growing up in an Air Force family. She writes with humor and passion about her adventures in far flung places with extraordinary people. But the book examines things far beyond a simple retelling of a family’s wide military travel. Ryan writes wistfully about the simpler times of her baby boomer youth and the marvelous […]

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A Prescription for the Soul by Peter Weddle

It’s July, 1963. A group of American teens—army brats—are living with their parents on a tiny military outpost in Verona, Italy. They spend the next six months hanging out in Venice, searching for answers. Tumultuous events are occurring back home—the civil rights march on Washington; the church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama; and the assassination of the President—and they want to know what it will all mean for them and for their generation. Then, it’s July, […]

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