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Military Brats “The Ties That Bind”

On the plane back from a well over due class reunion, with tears in my eyes, I put pen to paper and what I was feeling in the depths of my soul spewed forth, filling the pages. As I wrote I had no idea that my words would impact so many people. How I unknowingly found a way to express, what some many others have been feeling in their hearts, but were unable to put […]

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13 Years

Today is the 21st of October…13 years ago, MSG (ret) Lester Kidd closed his eyes for the last time and left this world behind. And at 27 years old, I was left without a father. At the all too young age of 56, he was gone. We’d always assumed that he’d never live to be 90, but 56? While one is never truly prepared for the loss of a parent, my immediate vision of the […]

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Remembering an Army Thanksgiving

This year’s Thanksgiving celebration just passed was one of the best our family has ever held. I hope yours was as well! For once, our entire family was together and we had quite the crowd at the Kerr shanty here in suburban Atlanta Georgia. My mind drifted to other Thanksgivings, and I couldn’t help remembering one from the early sixties–an Army Thanksgiving. I’m not sure of the year, but since it was prior to my […]

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Why I Never Say Goodbye

Editor’s Note: Why I Never Say Goodbye first appeared in Military Brats Online on July 21, 2009 As Military Brats we learned early in life that the friends you have at the moment might be gone tomorrow. While it was exciting to learn that your best friend or a classmate was going to Taiwan, Georgia, Turkey or who knows where, it was also a way of telling someone that your friendship was ending. Goodbyes I can’t […]

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Only To A Brat

Editor’s Note: Only To A Brat was first published in Military Brats Online, June 7, 2011 It had to happen. Though I’d been dreading this for years, I knew the day would come, though I’d hoped I’d never see it. The final class to graduate from Mannheim American High School accepted their diplomas this year. A large piece of my personal history is beginning to slowly fade away. Oh sure…like many other installations that close down, […]

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