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The First Base

My first base was always my favorite: Mather, AFB. It has been closed and we are going back to see what is left very soon. We did not live on Mather until I was six. WWII and a trip to Alaska postponed being able to live with dad until then. Before the war, he had been stationed there and was there when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Dad and his new bride lived off base. I […]

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AFN Midnight In Europe – 1960s

In the early 1960’s I used to go to bed and listen to my grandfathers old valve radio through a set of very large headphones. After realising that the signal on 208 meters (Radio Luxembourg) drifted off station on medium wave on a regular basis, I roamed the airwaves and found AFN ( American Forces Network ) which had a much stronger signal. The music was completely different, and I found myself enjoying the sounds […]

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