Wanted: Military Brats Between 18 and 22

Military brats are needed for an important research study. This survey and research is being conducted by Cindy Arenas, who is a Military Brat, as part of her doctoral work at Northcentral University.  READ MORE.

You might be a Military Brat if . . .

. . . you never got to take any second level class (i.e., French II, German II, Biology II) because it wasn't offered at your new school.

Welcome to Military Brat Life.

Military Brat Life celebrate everything about growing up in a military family, both in the United States and overseas. If you are curious about Military Brat Life or if you grew up in a military family and you want to read about other brats’ experience, you are in the right place. This website offers blogs, essays, book reviews and excerpts, comments and more!

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Have you been wanting to “tell your story” or to share with others your unique Military Brat Experiences? Military Brat Life is the perfect place to get published.


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